CEO and Co-founder and board member

Abolfazl Samadian

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Overview of Abolfazl Samadian's

Abolfazl Samadian - CEO
Abolfazl Samadian - CEO

Abolfazl Samadian is the current CEO and a board member of Justita, where he pioneered the revolutionary concept of Online Attorney. His visionary idea has made legal services accessible to all, exemplifying the transformative potential of merging technology and entrepreneurship in Iran’s legal landscape.

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Abolfazl Samadian, a physicist by education, seized the opportunity to venture into the world of Fintech, where he pursued independent activities and explored new horizons. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, he founded an ecommerce platform that caught the attention of a major industry player, leading to a successful acquisition. Building on this experience, Abolfazl, alongside Mohammad Nobari, co-founded Justita with a vision to revolutionize the accessibility and affordability of legal services. Their shared purpose was to bridge the gap between clients and expert legal representation, making top-tier legal counsel accessible to a broader audience in a cost-effective manner. Through his innovative business model, he has left a lasting impact on the legal industry, exemplifying the transformative potential of merging technology and entrepreneurship.

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